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The RMAlink project aims to make community participation in all Resource Management Act processes more straightforward and less time-consuming. More effective participation from those with a concern for the environment will contribute towards improving environmental outcomes nationwide.

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Subject Sustainability

Text Sustainable Urban Growth


Gow, L. (2000) Curbing the Sprawl: Urban Growth Management in the United States - Lessons for New Zealand.
Ministry for the Environment, Wellington. ME 342
A report on how growing metropolitan areas in the US manage their urban growth and development, and the lessons for New Zealand.
Available online at

Journal Articles

Graham, F. and Arnold J.(2005) Urban Sprawl and Land Use Planning: Implications on Public Health
Planning Quarterly, Dec 2005, p18-24
Discussion of urban growth, and how low-density growth patterns give rise to car-dependence with negative impacts to public health from road casualties, physical inactivity, air pollution and traffic noise. Growth can also affect surface and groundwater quality.

Stephenson, J. (2005) Planning for the Post-Carbon Era
Planning Quarterly, Sept 2005, p20-23
Discusses a revised approach to planning that takes peak oil into consideration, and aims for energy-efficient settlement patterns. Plan for reduced car use, more public transport cycling and walking.

Thompson, I. (2005). Greenfield Plans Falter at the Implementation Stage
Planning Quarterly Dec. 2005, p2-5.
Rapid suburban growth on outskirts of Christchurch has exceeded councils ability to provide supporting infrastructure, particularly for stormwater. Discusses Christchurch Citys use of Area Plans (ie Structure Plans) as a tool for managing growth. These are not an RMA process, but assist councils to carry out their Section 31 RMA functions.

Web-Based Resources
Resources: American site with information on sustainable urban growth

Resources: Other references on sustainable urban growth can be found listed in Quality Planning's online library, under 'Urban Growth'. Also, under 'Plan Topics' is a guidance note on Structure Planning. Structure plans can be used to guide sustainable land development patterns on a wide scale.

Resources: Site of Auckland's Regional Growth Forum. Auckland Regional Growth Strategy document, and supporting information online.