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Subject Waste Management

Text Hazardous Waste

A three-year Hazardous Waste Management Programme was introduced by government in 1997. Targets were not achieved, and it was extended to 2005 with increased funding.

MFE and other agencies have carried out extensive research on hazardous substances, and on options for managing their risks. A definition of hazardous wastes was produced. MFE have produced what amounts to a code of practice for the disposal of hazardous substances to landfill.

A system of landfill classification has been developed. This rates landfills according to their standard of engineering construction. Assessment includes looking at how well sealed they are to control the escape of hazardous leachate. Landfills with leachate collection and treatment systems receive a higher rating.

Landfill waste acceptance criteria have been developed. Hazardous substances are categorised according to the level of toxicity, or any other type of risk that they present. Wastes that present a higher level of risk are only to be disposed of at a landfill facility that is engineered to a high standard.

Disposal of hazardous substances is also regulated under the HSNO Act. You can check whether the systems followed in your local authority area for disposal of hazardous substances reflect best practice.



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Ministry for the Environment, Wellington.

MFE (2003) Hazardous Waste Guidelines: Landfill Waste Acceptance Criteria and Landfill Classification Module 2 ME 485
Ministry for the Environment, Wellington. ISBN 0 478 18900 1

MFE (2002) New Zealand Waste Strategy ME 422
Ministry for the Environment, Wellington.
Prepared jointly by MFE and Local Government NZ. A framework for minimising waste, and for sustainable management of all categories of waste. Includes objectives for dealing with hazardous wastes.

PCE (2001) Hazardous Waste Management: Second Progress Report
Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Wellington.
This follows two earlier reports in 1998 and 1999. It concludes that the Hazardous Waste Management Programme that commenced in 1997 has not achieved its intended outcomes. Three years later, there was little evidence of improved systems being put in place.

Centre for Advanced Engineering in New Zealand (2000) Management of Hazardous Waste.
Centre for Advanced Engineering in NZ, Canterbury. 166p ISBN 0-908993-22-6.
Covers legislation and regulations that relate to hazardous wastes. Best practice methods for treatment of different categories, transport issues, disposal processes, storage considerations. Endorsed by MFE.

Web-Based Resources

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