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Subject Heritage

Text Heritage Landscapes

Heritage landscapes are areas of land and/or water that are particularly valued because of their heritage significance to people, including tangata whenua, communities and the nation. The significance of a heritage landscapes arises from past and contemporary relationships between people and the landscape.

Heritage landscapes are not limited to particular types of landscape. They may, for example, include those that are:

  • Urban or rural
  • Marine, coastal, or inland
  • Industrial or agricultural
  • Scenic or commonplace
  • Historic or contemporary
  • Spiritual or functional
  • Natural or visibly modified by peoples past actions
  • Locally, regionally or nationally distinctive
Local authorities generally provide for the management of heritage landscapes at a policy level, in regional policy statements, and policies in regional and district plans. Policies that deal with heritage landscapes consider:

  • Both natural and cultural aspects
  • The context of historic places and the connections between them
  • The links between tangible features and cultural values
  • The relationships with the landscape held by the groups associated with it
  • Historical events within and beyond the landscape, and
  • Contemporary processes and practices within the landscape.
Planning documents prepared under the RMA can promote an approach to conservation of historic areas and heritage landscapes, that will:

  1. Identify and assess the full range of relevant heritage values.
  2. Analyse the risks and threats which would compromise the heritage values
  3. Identify the conditions required to ensure the least possible alteration or loss of the heritage values
  4. Identify the uses and activities that may be continued or commenced without compromising the heritage values, and
  5. Promote a sustainable management regime that will maintain heritage values while allowing specified compatible use and development.



Journal Articles

Rive, V. (2005) Waitakere Ranges Heritage Area Bill More Cracks in the Masonry of the One-stop Shop
Resource Management Bulletin, June 2005, p30-33
Article discusses the need for specific legislation to address environmental issues. The RMA and Local Government Act do not offer sufficient protection for the Waitakeres. Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Act 2000 addressed a similar situation.


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