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Subject Coastal & Marine

Text Sand Extraction


PCE (1998) Compliance Monitoring of a coastal permit for sand extraction Otaramakau Beach, Bay of Plenty.
Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Wellington.
The PCE investigated monitoring of consent holders by the regional authority. This was a response to residents' concerns that erosion of foredunes may be caused by commercial sand extraction. This report highlights issues concerning royalties, difficulties managing effects at mean high water, the complexity of coastal processes, and uncertainty surrounding the sustainability of activities such as commercial sand extraction.

Web-Based Resources
Resources:Information on impacts of proposed sand extraction operations on Northland?s east coast. This issue arose at the time that coastal permit applications were received.
Resources: The Environment Waikato site has some excellent information about coastal management. See under ?Coastal Pressures? for information about ironsand mining at West Coast beaches.