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The RMAlink project aims to make community participation in all Resource Management Act processes more straightforward and less time-consuming. More effective participation from those with a concern for the environment will contribute towards improving environmental outcomes nationwide.

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Text Oceans Policy

Many diverse pieces of legislation are used to manage different aspects of our coastal and marine resources. The RMA manages only some of the environmental effects of activities within the coastal marine area. The effects of commercial fishing on inshore marine ecosystems is a notable exception. Outside the CMA but still within the 200-mile exclusive economic zone, fisheries and maritime transport legislation are predominant.

The Oceans Policy Review is a response to a general lack of integration between these areas of legislation. It aims to produce an overarching strategy or framework to achieve sustainable management of the marine environment, and give greater priority to protecting coastal and marine biodiversity.

More on Oceans Policy can be found on the government website

A report is available on this site, entitled Oceans Management at the Local Level (May 2003). It deals in detail with the implications of the review on local and regional authorities, and how the outcomes are likely to affect the exercise of their functions under the RMA.



PCE (1999) Setting Course for a Sustainable Future: The Management of New Zealands Marine Environment.
Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Wellington
This report reviews the management of New Zealands marine environment. It identifies a range of barriers to the sustainable management of the marine environment. These issues are now being addressed through the Oceans Policy Review.