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Text Heritage Orders

Heritage protection orders are similar to designations. They are a way of incorporating a requirement to protect a historic place, site or feature into a district plan. They can be used to protect features and places of;

  • Special interest, character, intrinsic or amenity value, or visual appeal
  • Cultural, architectural, historical scientific or ecological interest (can include wetlands and other natural areas)
  • Special significance to tangata whenua for spiritual, cultural or historic reasons

Sections 187 198 of the RMA relate to heritage orders. In most cases, the values of historic places, sites and features can be protected by plan rules or voluntary measures such as covenants. Consequently, heritage orders are not widely used.

Notices for heritage protection orders can only be issued by heritage protection authorities. These include Ministers of the Crown, councils, the NZ Historic Places Trust, and other organisations that have been applied for, and been granted this status (section 188).

An excellent summary on heritage orders is available on the Environmental Defence Societys website (see reference list below). Applications for heritage orders follow a similar process to designations, and must be publicly notified. If you are making a submission on an application for a heritage order, Form 21 is used.



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