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The RMAlink project aims to make community participation in all Resource Management Act processes more straightforward and less time-consuming. More effective participation from those with a concern for the environment will contribute towards improving environmental outcomes nationwide.

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Subject Resource Consent Processes

Text Assessment of Environmental Effects


Burgman, Mark (2005) Risks and Decisions for Conservation and Environmental Management
Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0521543010
Overview of environmental risk management in NZ, looks at the various pieces of legislation (including the RMA) and the agencies with responsibilities in this area. Discusses how to reach satisfactory decisions when stakeholders have varying perceptions and understandings of risk.

MFE (1999) A Guide to Preparing a Basic AEE.
Ministry for the Environment, Wellington.
Guide for resource consent applicants proposing small scale developments.

MFE (1999) Auditing Assessments of Environmental Effects: A Good Practice Guide. ME 309.
Ministry for the Environment, Wellington.
Outlines good practice for regional and district council staff in auditing the AEEs provided by consent applicants.

Memon, P. A. and Perkins, H. (eds)(2000) Environmental Planning and Management in New Zealand .
Dunmore Press, Palmerston North.
Chapter 7 p80-93 Environmental Assessment Under the Resource Management Act 1991, by T. Fookes.
Chapter 8 p94-104 The Practice of Environmental Impact Assessment in New Zealand: Problems and Prospects, by R. Morgan.
Chapter 9, p105-114 Social Impact assessment in New Zealand by C. Goodrich et al.

Williams, D. A. R.(ed)(1997) Environmental and Resource Management Law, 2nd Edition
Butterworths, Wellington.
Chapter 3, p503-555 Environmental Assessment, by D. Grinlinton. Discussion of environmental assessment. P 525-540 covers issues relating to consent applications. Part 4 of the chapter is now out of date.
Chapter13, Part 5, p600-621, is entitled The Problem of Proof in Environmental Cases, Questions of Causation, and Environmental Risk Problems. Discusses the prediction of future environmental effects, precautionary principle, thresholds, and the approach of the Court to risk.

PCE (1995) Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE): Administration by Three Territorial Authorities.
Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Wellington.
This report reviews procedures of three authorities, and draws conclusions on what constitutes good practice by both applicants and consent authorities.

Journal Articles

Reeve, B. (2005) Sustainable Management and Public Health in New Zealand
Resource Management Bulletin, Nov. 2005, p73-77.
Discusses role of the RMA in protecting public health, and the approach taken under the Act to assessing and dealing with risk.

Mead, S. (2004) The Precautionary Principle: A Discussion of the Principle's Meaning and Status in an Attempt to Further Define and Understand the Principle
NZ Journal of Environmental Law, vol 8, p137-176.

Grinlinton, D. (2000) Improving Environmental Assessment Under the RMA.
Resource Management Bulletin v3, p109.

Web-Based Resources
Organisation: NZ Association for Impact Assessment Inc.
Resources: Site has newsletters, conference proceedings, the Associations submissions on previous RMA amendments, best practice guidelines for social and environmental impact assessment.