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Subject District and Regional Plan /Policy Processes

Text Regional Policy Statements

The process for preparing and reviewing regional policy statements is the same as for district and regional plans. This is set out in the First Schedule to the RMA. There are many general reports and guidelines relating to this process. However, very little information has been produced on the specific issues relating to regional policy statements and their implementation. Consequently, there is little guidance available for communities who wish to ensure that a RPS offers a good standard of environmental protection.

Regional policy statements are an important means of achieving integrated management of natural and physical resources across a region. The provisions of district and regional plans must be not inconsistent with the RPS. Effective implementation of a RPS requires good working relationships between regional and district councils, and clear agreement on areas of responsibility, and on priorities.

Sections 59-62 of the RMA deal specifically with regional policy statements. RPSs are also referred to in Sections 66, 67, 74, 75, 79, and 82.

For guidance on making a submission, refer to RMAlink material on district and regional plans.



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P17-19 Background information on Regional Policy Statements.

MFE (2003) Drafting Issues, Objectives, Policies and Methods in Regional Policy Statements and District Plans. ME 483
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Ministry guidance for regional and local government staff preparing plans and policy statements. Also useful for submitters.

Web-Based Resources

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