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The RMAlink project aims to make community participation in all Resource Management Act processes more straightforward and less time-consuming. More effective participation from those with a concern for the environment will contribute towards improving environmental outcomes nationwide.

Current Consultation

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Current Consultation

Through this page, you can find out where details of current public consultation on various RMA processes are available.

Amendments to the RMA

Up-to-date information about the RMA is available at There are currently no amendments in the consultation phase.

National Policy Statements

Currently there is one National Policy Statement in preparation, the NPS for protection of rare and depleted indigenous vegetation. Information on this, and others that are proposed in future, can be found on the MFE website

The New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement is being reviewed by the Department of Conservation. Current information can be found on the DOC website

National Environmental Standards

Details of current progress on preparing National Environmental Standards can be found on the MFE website

Regional Policy Statements, Regional Plans and District Plans

You will be able to find out about current consultations on reviews of policy statements and plans by visiting the website of your regional or local authority. If you are not a computer user, visit your public library. It should have copies of all plans prepared under the RMA that are relevant to your area. This includes any draft policy statements or plans that are in the process of review.

To find a council website, visit the Local Government New Zealand site

The Quality Planning website contains a section showing the status of every plan developed under the RMA. This is regularly updated. Visit

Community Plans and Other Strategies

Community plans, and other local and regional authority strategy documents, are important companions to plans prepared under the RMA. It is through these that non-regulatory measures of achieving the purpose of the RMA are planned and resourced.

Examples are annual plans, long-term council community plans (LTCCPs) regional land transport strategies, cycling and pedestrian strategies, regional pest management (or biosecurity) strategies.

Obtain details from your regional or local council website, or your public library.

Other Sites to Help You Keep Up-to-Date With Current Consultations

Forest and Bird's site has an excellent 'submissions due' section, which is a round-up of all environmental policy and legislation sites. Visit

For current consultations on policy processes handled by the Ministry for the Environment, including RMA amendments, national policy statements, national environmental standards, and other policy relevant to environmental management, visit

The Department of Conservation's site has a 'Consulting On' list. Look for it on their homepage at