Resource Management Act: RMA Link: Basic Skills

The RMAlink project aims to make community participation in all Resource Management Act processes more straightforward and less time-consuming. More effective participation from those with a concern for the environment will contribute towards improving environmental outcomes nationwide.

Basic Skills

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Wellington Community Network

Writing a Submission

Longer Submissions

Well-researched submissions that offer a thorough analysis of environmental issues and likely impacts, can make a real difference to a consent, planning or policy decision.

The 'Resource Management Processes' topic pages contain information that will help you research and write a longer, more thorough submission. Pages provide information on the following public processes:

Where to get help to research and write a submission.

  • Network with other groups - there may be a lawyer, planning professional, or scientific/technical expert in your community.

  • Use the RMAlink directory to network with groups around New Zealand who have experience with the same type of issue or process.

  • Seek advice from your nearest environment centre, and advice on legal aspects from your nearest community law centre.

  • Council staff can provide information, but are required to retain a neutral position. They should not be asked to assist in preparing submissions.

  • Consult a resource management professional if your budget permits.