Resource Management Act: RMA Link: Government and Local Government Agencies

The RMAlink project aims to make community participation in all Resource Management Act processes more straightforward and less time-consuming. More effective participation from those with a concern for the environment will contribute towards improving environmental outcomes nationwide.

Government and Local Government Agencies

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Government Agencies

Key Agencies

Ministry for the Environment, Department of Conservation, and the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment have key roles in resource management.

Local Government

Council Contacts

The Local Government New Zealand website has contact details of all councils throughout New Zealand. Maps display all regional, local and unitary authorities, with a link to either contact address details or the councilís website. Visit

The Quality Planning site displays a map where you can locate the local, regional or unitary authority you wish to contact. This links to a page showing the name, telephone number and email address of a planning staff member, and a list of plans prepared by that authority. Visit