Resource Management Act: RMA Link: Directory of Environmental and Community Groups

The RMAlink project aims to make community participation in all Resource Management Act processes more straightforward and less time-consuming. More effective participation from those with a concern for the environment will contribute towards improving environmental outcomes nationwide.

Directory of Environmental and Community Groups

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Wellington Community Network

How To Use This Directory

You can use the directory to locate groups in your area that have similar interests to your own, or groups in other parts of New Zealand who have taken action on an issue that concerns you.

For more ideas on how groups can assist one another, see the 'Networking' section of this site.

Searching the Directory

You can use the 'Search' function to find groups according to their experience. A search for 'subdivision', or 'quarry', will generate a list of groups who have dealt with these issues. A search for 'court' will generate a list of groups that have been involved in Environment Court action.

Nationwide Organisations

This section of the directory contains organisations that operate nationwide. Some have regional or local branches, or a network of member organisations. Nearly all have their own website that you can visit for more information, and to find out about local contacts in your area.

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